The Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust (KMIT) began providing workers’ compensation coverage to cities in 1994.  KMIT is dedicated to creating a safe workplace for city employees through cost effective administration, claims management, and loss control services.


Annual Premiums/Membership – Currently 160 cities (and the League of Kansas Municipalities) participate in KMIT and contribute approximately $5.6 million in annual premiums.  KMIT is governed by an 11-member Board of Trustees consisting of elected and appointed officials of the KMIT member cities, who are elected by the membership.  

Financial Services – Summers, Spencer & Callison, CPA’s Chartered provide auditing services to KMIT including quarterly reports and an annual audit.  Legacy Partners provides payroll auditing services for KMIT and its member cities beginning in late January each year.  CORnerstone Risk Solutions provides month-to-month financial services and Risk Management consulting.


Claims Management – TRISTAR Risk Management provides claims management and loss control services for KMIT.  The Pool has two dedicated claims managers who services only members of KMIT.


Risk Management – KMIT has always believed that promoting a safe working environment is essential.  To assist cities in practicing this philosophy, IMA, Inc. provides loss control services for all KMIT members.  These services include safety training workshops, annual on-site inspections, and safety videos.


Excess Insurance – KMIT’s reinsurance carrier is Safety National Casualty Corporation (SNCC), of St. Louis.  KMIT currently holds $5,000,000 of excess insurance with a specific retention of $750,000.


Actuarial Studies – KMIT strongly believes in examining history and planning for the future.  Milliman USA has provided annual actuarial reports for KMIT since the Pool’s inception.


Education – KMIT believes the best way to reduce the likelihood of work comp related injuries is to provide its members with information about claims and loss prevention.  KMIT provides its members with a quarterly newsletter, CompControl, which provides safety tips and highlights trends in work comp, as well as a quarterly training guide, City Safe, which provides training information on various safety issues in the workplace.


KMIT is a workers’ compensation program for cities endorsed by the League of Kansas Municipalities.

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